What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas, Texas

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it can create an extremely stressful time. Dealing with the police, figuring out bail, and trying to understand exactly what to do can be exhausting. Don’t let anxiety and inexperience lead to a poor decision concerning your legal representation.

An arrest is usually a shock, and you are most likely inexperienced when it comes to finding an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is crucial to do a bit of research to ensure that you find the best possible representation. A court-provided attorney is likely overworked and overloaded with other cases. He or she won’t have the same commitment and drive for your case compared to a professional lawyer explicitly hired for your situation.

At the Fellman Law Office, we understand the fear that accompanies an arrest and the stress of selecting the right defense attorney to fight your case. We handle almost every type of state criminal offense, misdemeanor, and felony, and we are in your corner ready to help fight for you.

How to Choose Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When deciding on which criminal defense attorney should represent you, it is crucial to pay attention to a few key factors.


To ensure that you are getting the right representation for your case, you must choose an attorney who has successfully defended others charged with the same crime. Your attorney needs to understand the essential details around your case to help build a rock-solid defense. They need experience defending clients in Dallas to know how to leverage regional factors and use them to your advantage.


While everyone probably wants to hear that they will win their case, that isn’t always possible. The attorney you hire should be willing and able to speak with you honestly about your case, so there won’t be any surprises in court. The attorney-client relationship is one that requires clear and reasonable expectations and brutal honesty to be successful. Ultimately, your attorney should try to do everything possible to get you the best possible verdict for your case.


Just as the court-appointed attorney may be overloaded with cases, some criminal defense firms may also be swamped. Your case is important to you, and it should also be important to your lawyer. If he or she doesn’t have enough time to put their full attention into your defense, it will likely not go well in court.


In criminal defense cases, your attorney must be able to defend you in court and do so aggressively. A good defense lawyer needs to demonstrate your innocence by working tirelessly to dispute the evidence and find discrepancies. Your attorney should not be willing to accept the prosecution’s claims without an aggressive legal battle. Unfortunately, a court-appointed attorney will look to find the quickest resolution to your case to save time for them, but it will most likely result in more time for you.

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The Fellman Law Office has these qualities and more, and we are willing to fight for your rights and defense to the best of our ability. Attorney Marc Fellman is experienced, professional, and trustworthy, and he is dedicated to providing you with the best possible legal defense. If you have been charged with a crime or DUI in Dallas, Texas, contact The Fellman Law Office to discuss your options during your free consultation.