Main Street District

Main Street District is another beautiful part of downtown Dallas. It’s mainly suitable for businesses, but there are some residents that call this their home as well – about 1000 people live in the district, and maybe you will be one too.

This historic region has some incredible skyscrapers, pedestrian areas, and luxurious hotels that are perfect for locals as well. As one would expect from such an old city center with so much history, there’s also plenty to see in this part – including some amazing views you won’t want your vacationing friends or family members to miss out on when they visit next year.

In addition, it houses many exciting new development projects going up right now. The revitalization efforts continuing here will only make them more popular among tourists who come every year because they know what awaits inside these walls: Great shopping opportunities; world-class dining options.

The hustle and bustles of Dallas’ Main Street District are a refreshing change from the typical cityscape. The beautiful neighborhood has everything one could want or need, with top-notch restaurants to satisfy every palate as well elegant hotels that cater just how you like it: sleek & stylish. And don’t forget about those famous setbacks – they’re not only beautiful but provide some pretty amazing views too.

The Main Street District neighborhood is a perfect place for shopaholics and those who enjoy the many entertainment opportunities this city offers. This historic area has beautiful architecture that will provide you with calming feelings, making life here truly pleasureful.




Reference Points

If you’re new to the Main Street District neighborhood in Dallas, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the area’s reference points. Here are some of the reference points to know.

Chop House Burger

The Chop House Burger is a Texas-based hamburger restaurant that’s become very popular in recent years. The beef here is sourced from local Angus farmers, and they also have poultry for those who prefer not to eat red meat. There are plenty of salads on offer as well, so if you’re looking for something healthier, then this might just be the place where your search ends up taking shape–and don’t forget about their ice cream selection either; it’ll keep any child happy while adults enjoy what seems like an appropriate amount (or maybe too much) of tasty toppings at once.

Address: 1501 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201, United States


Sapa House

Head to Sapa House in search of a great meal and casual setting. You’ll be blown away by the selection they have on offer; from pho Tai chin noodles or Japanese rice dishes made with fish balls (it’s not your average sushi), their menu will leave you wanting more! With late-night dining sessions where people come here after clubbing until closing time, there is no better place than this spot for some quality food before heading home alone again.

Address: 1623 Main St #102, Dallas, TX 75201.


Sky Blossom

Sky Blossom is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for delicious Asian cuisine in a chic setting with incredible views of The Eye sculpture. They offer dishes from China (their specialty), Korea & Thailand as well. In addition, they have great cocktails and wine selection on tap or by the bottle, too, so that everyone can find something they like at this rooftop restaurant.

Address: 1514 Elm St #611, Dallas, TX 75201.


Frankie’s Downtown

Frankie’s Downtown is a bi-level sports bar that offers upmarket pub grub and happy hours with lots of craft beers on tap, as well. They have TVs for your viewing pleasure, so you can watch the game while eating some delicious food.

Address: 1303 Main St, Dallas, TX 75202, United States


City Tavern

City Tavern is the place to be if you’re eyeing a casual hangout with great food and drink specials. They have an open kitchen, where they cook up fresh ingredients daily alongside bar games like pool tables or foosball machines that will keep your attention while waiting in line at least once during any given time spent there. The live music performances happen every night–you might even get lucky enough to sing karaoke after listening/viewing some talented artists perform their hearts out (and most likely better than what happened in front).

Address: 1514 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75201, United States